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Salt N’ Pepper Revisited

A few days ago on one of the only sunny days on the southern Oregon coast the family and I embarked on a visit to Salt and Pepper beach south of Port Orford on 101.  My mom, sister and brother-in-law … Continue reading

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How Lovely Are Your Branches

A week ago I hopped on the train from Seattle.  My sister and brother-in-law got on a plane and my brother took his car. We managed to coordinate our arrivals within a half hour of each other in Portland.  Shockingly … Continue reading

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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings

To kill some restlessness and jitters last week, my brother and I decided to make the trek up Humbug Mountain. Humbug is part of the state park about 7 miles south of Port Orford. The mountain is notorious for its … Continue reading

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So Spectacular You Can See The Earth’s Curvature

It is as close to the end of the Earth you can get.  A place so enormous, so profound you can see the curve of the Earth, the swell of the see and the horizon  stretching as far as the … Continue reading

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I’m on a bus.

J and I woke early and hit the road after a 72 hour delay (mainly to watch the Ducks win the civil war) and drove straight through to Eugene.  The highway cutting over to I5 is so beautiful and changes … Continue reading

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Teach Me How To Duckie

If you are from Oregon then you probably know by now that the University of Oregon Ducks are heading to the National Championship. Which is amazing. I’m not usually a huge sports fan unless it’s the Olympics, the World Cup … Continue reading

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Salt And Pepper Beach

It was a rainy, dark day but that didn’t stop us. In Port Orford, you have to force yourself to go out and brave the elements.  It’s easy to get sucked into all day marathons of Millionaire Matchmaker with the … Continue reading

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