Wow. It has been awhile. Just over a year since I’ve last posted here. After moving to blogspot and then to a different blog entirely, I’ve decided to settle in with my first choice: wordpress.

Most of you know what has been going on in my life, but here’s a little recap.

February 2011-Started work at Portland Community College and settled in to dreary weather in Portland.

March, April, May 2011-Still working. Explored Portland and took a few trips down the Oregon Coast to visit the family. Accepted to graduate school in both Portland and NYC.

June 2011-Attended my mom’s graduation. Later in the month, frantically rented a car and drove down to Medford to be with my Dad in the hospital for heart problems. Was incredibly stressful but also transformative and quite the bonding experience between me, my dad and my brother. Luckily, my dad is ok now!

July 2011-My sister and her husband visited for a couple weeks! I got to touch her pregnant belly and have a baby shower for her in our home town.

August-Getting VERY tired of Portland and begin planning my escape. Decided to defer admission to graduate school for a year to figure out what I really wanted.

September- Began the process of scaling down, saving money and planning the next step with my boyfriend. Put in my two weeks notice and celebrated! Packed up our belongings, ended our lease and left Portland without a second thought!

October-Spent several weeks in Port Orford and then flew to Lake Havasu, AZ for the next month. Sun and warmth ensued.

November-Got the worst case of strep throat I’ve ever experienced. Finally recovered, flew to NYC in time for Thanksgiving. Had an amazing time with my mom and sister in NYC.

December-Witnessed the amazing process of birth and met my nephew!!  Flew to LA and traveled to Big Bear Mountain and enjoyed some snow. Drove south to Lake Havasu. Got sick…again.

January 2012-Drove up through California to Port Orford. Spent a MONTH at home recovering from the throat plague.

February 2012-Moved back to Seattle after a 9 year hiatus and loving it! Embarking on a possible new path in life 🙂

So, there you have it. I’m hoping to continue writing, but you never know.


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