It couldn’t have happened in anywhere but in little old New York

Two weeks ago,  I finally made it out of Lake Havasu City and flew to New York City  to house/cat-sit while my sister is in Spain and Turkey.  The flight from Phoenix to La Guardia was not the best for someone who is progressively anxious about flying.  The second leg of the trip from Chicago to NY was a waiting game that ended as we taxied down the runway with the captain announcing, “unfortunately this is going to be a bumpy one, but were going to do our best to get you there safely”.  What the hell, do your best? Of course, I proceeded to have a silent freak out.  It wasn’t bad until we neared New York where it was very windy, at one point we entered a thick cloud bank and the plane was bumping around, it seemed to go faster than normal in its descent when all of a sudden the plane seems to stop and plunge down.  This was the first time I’ve heard gasps and screams around me.  Luckily, it wasn’t serious and soon we landed safely.  After the bus ride to Sugarhill, I walked to my sister’s apartment at 1am and proceeded to almost have a nervous breakdown while trying to unlock the door.  In a final moment of frustration fueled by 10 hours of travel, 5 hours of sleep and no food, I finally manged to open the door.  Thankfully, the remainder of my trip has been quite pleasant.

It’s been so fun to meet up with friends and explore the city without the post-work exhaustion.  Comfort food at Cafeteria in Chelsea, Margaritas in the East Village at DBA’s, Queens road trips and Murray Hill diners with lawyers.  Yes, it has been enjoyable.

It’s so nice to be able to enjoy New York knowing I get to head back to my lovely west coast in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to get to Portland and make it to some interviews.

Oh my god, how could I forget the taping I attended of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Thursday? Definitely a highlight of the trip to see the studio and the behind the scenes details.  The line was about an hour-long wait but the weather was beautiful and bonus, I noticed the “foreign correspondent” Aasif Mandvi walk by.  No one seemed to notice him as he was trying to lay low, but I noticed him and was only able to muster, “ohh!”.  Lucky for me he gave me a smile.  This was my second run-in with him, the first being last year when we were next to each other for a Bikram class on the Upper West Side.

The show was hilarious and my love for Jon Stewart grew after seeing his warm-up with the audience before the show.  Love it. And double bonus: I twittered about seeing Assif and got a response from him saying hi. Can you tell I’m slightly star struck?


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One Response to It couldn’t have happened in anywhere but in little old New York

  1. Elly says:

    You got to see a Daily Show taping?! Wow! That’s so awesome!! I really loved New York, I spent a brilliant 3 days there a few years ago. I totally love its rhythm 🙂 Glad to hear you had a great time!

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