quarter life crisis

For the past few days I’ve been in a bit of a funk.  I’m sure this is magnified by staying put for almost four weeks in Arizona and feeling a little claustrophobic due to the steady 100+ degree temperature.  To fully round out my Debbie Downer post, I’ve been more than slightly sad/mad/annoyed at the state of my generation.  Ok,  I know everyone is struggling right now, in fact I have it incredibly easy compared to some.  However, it’s upsetting for us mid to late 20’s folks who are facing a horrendous job market and competing with people who have decades of experience.  The thought of buying a home is just a distant dream.  Careers are put on hold, raises are withheld with the “economy” as an excuse.  Families are put on hold as we struggle to maintain stability.  Not to say I necessarily want a mortgage/child/job, but I want that to be a reasonable option and right now it isn’t.  Ok, so that was REALLY depressing.  In an effort to get out of my funk I have decided to begin a “30 before 30”.

1.  Take a photography class

2.  Learn to ride a motorcycle

3.  Surf

4.  Go to India

5.  Go back to school and get my Masters

6.  Run a half marathon

7.  Become a better cook

8.  Go vegan for at least 3 months to see how I feel

I’m going to stop there and keep adding to the list in the next couple of weeks.  It might be a daunting list to accomplish in three years but I’m already feeling better.  And with a trip to New York in less than a week, life isn’t so bad after all.


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One Response to quarter life crisis

  1. Elly says:

    Oh hurrah! I created a list when my last relationship fell apart, I found it super helpful to have something else to concentrate on, a definite pick me up 🙂

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