I’m in my hometown now.  1,000 people. No stop lights.  Sidewalks rolled up around 8pm at the LATEST.  The town is about one mile long which you can see end to end. 

I was born here in a little cottage by the beach.

I lived here til I was 19 when I moved to Seattle.

Let’s just say I have some mixed emotions about my years spent here.

I drove past the “home of the pirates” today and had to stop for a picture.  The four years spent here were pretty traumatic.  I graduated with a class of 28, most of whom I had known since kindergarten.  The high school was tragically small and close minded for the most part.  Granted I attended with my three best friends who I am very close with to this day (you know who you are!) and a handful of other friends.  However, most of the time I felt as though I was slowly suffocating and fighting for my emotional survival.  Every day was a struggle attending school and graduating was one of the greatest joys in my life.  Of course, there were wonderful times and I don’t want to sound jaded but I’m pretty sure most graduates of Pacific High understand where I’m coming from.  Right?

Driving by today was a huge sigh of relief that I didn’t have to go back unless by choice. 

On the other hand, there is something about a community where everyone knows your name.  Where you are welcomed back wholeheartedly and made to feel like a local celebrity.

There’s something about a town that allows children to run wild in the woods, streets and beach without fear of creeps and cars.  Creativity and imagination are strengthened and nurtured.  With friends that are more like family.  And beautiful like no other.


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5 Responses to Pacific.

  1. Gretchen says:

    *sigh*, I love your blog, and of course this one really hit home for me… (haha, get the double meaning? I’m so clever). I love how our home town is one of those places that I miss so much and seems to hold such a special place in my heart, although every time I go back a get a resurgence of mixed emotions about the place. While these feelings kinda suck, it almost makes sense, really. I think the time that we spent there, the bonds that we made with others and with the town itself makes our home town more than just the town we grew up in. I don’t know about you, but no matter where I go or how long I spend away, PO always feels home… plus nothing can really compare to the elk river 😉

  2. abby says:

    I hope you don’t mind me stopping by your site, I found you on 20 sb. First off I’ve got to say as you explain the mixed emotions you have of your hometown I’ve definitely got the same feelings about my home. Unfortunately, unlike you leaving I’m still stuck in my own little area. Everyone in the area definitely knows each other, and I’ve got to say it does feel nice having that “welcoming feeling” from your neighbors when you come back. I love the images you put up cause it shows how serene your hometown is. Wish we had something that serene close to where I live.

  3. wishful nals says:

    okay, this sounds like heaven! xo

  4. Luke Tonks says:

    yeah I used to wish I could be like sabrina the teenage witch and ding myself out of that shithole!! ahah!! Love your blog also 🙂

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