It’s so nice to be at my old stomping grounds in Eugene.  I used to have some bitterness towards the town during my days at the University of Oregon but with the passing of a few years I can now see the town for its friendliness, beauty and quirkiness.  My three years in Eugene were a mixed experience.  I took some amazing classes and met some lasting friends.  The town is made up of radicals and you can always count on a rousing political discussion.  However, I craved anonymity and the pulse of a city and ran off to New York as soon as possible.  Now that I’ve made peace with it it’s really quite enjoyable.

I left Lake Havasu yesterday morning and rode the shuttle for four hours with some unique people. The older woman in the seat behind me had just escaped black mold and was a little loopy.  I can’t count the times she stated “I’m not on crack, I’m just loopy from the mold”, right.  Luckily my seat mate was an older man from Brooklyn and we passed the time discussing neighborhoods and the best pizza (Grimaldi’s of course).  I had a three-hour wait at the Las Vegas airport and spent my time pondering the sheer extravagance of the city.  At least I could get my gamble on. 

I took the relatively quick and smooth flight to Eugene and was soon reunited with my alma mater.

 My mum met me at the gate and it was so exciting to know I have more than two weeks to visit.  I think I’m happy with my decision to move back west.  We met up with my brother and his two dogs and had a day late birthday dinner for my bro.  

The next day I went for a run by the river and then headed to Full City for the best coffee imaginable and a walk around the Saturday market.  I used to be a hater and couldn’t understand going to the market, but oh how times have changed.  It was abundant with locally grown goods and I wanted to eat everything there.

Best of all I ran into my old classmate Billy! He is so sweet and it was amazing to see him again and learn about his thesis that I’m so proud of.  What a trip to flashback to Professor Proudfoot’s class that brought so many of us together.  That class was so intense and by far the best experience I’ve had in all my education.  Seeing Billy brought back so many memories of Proudfoot, what a legacy he left.  

I guess I really am a Oregon girl at heart.


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