your true traveler finds boredom rather agreeable than painful

Since arriving to our temporary home in Lake Havasu over two weeks ago I seem to be suffering from a major case of lethargy.  My days consist of yoga, swimming and lounging.  I have no responsibilities and no time constraints; and yet, I can’t get anything done.  I’ve applied to only one job since I quit my old one in New York.  It took Wojc and I over a week to make the decision to buy plane tickets to our homes.  Maybe it’s the heat that varies between 110 and 125 degrees or maybe it’s because I’m still detoxing from fast paced life in Manhattan.  This is my roundabout way of saying that I have wanted to write a recap of our trip including daily highlights and yet I’ve continued to push it back day after day; tomorrow that is my goal and now that it’s in writing I might make it happen.

Or not.


In the meantime. Here are some things that I’m liking:

  • The ability to buy tons of  good quality groceries and drive them home. Ok, so I realize this isn’t green but whatever, in New York the nearest store was Food Town which I swear to God (in my opinion) bought the expired and old produce from the stores downtown and sold to all of us stuck uptown.  I mean it was bad.  Dry oranges, brown lettuce, bad meat (or so Wojc tells me). Terrible.  Living in Harlem you could really see how few and far between (I’m looking at you Fairway) the good stores were and yet a fast food joint on every corner.  Pretty sad when you think about it.  In Havasu, I’m still in awe at my access to stores.
  • Listening to all the old groups I used to obsess over. Love this Del video and a total flash back to my Seattle days.


  • I’m so excited to see the pacific ocean and my mom and dad next week in Oregon, I haven’t been home since Christmas and I’m looking forward to making up for lost time.

  • And finally, I’m loving Holly’s post on annoying words and phrases including Mom’s Night Out (to which I would include Girl’s Night Out or worse, GNO), Kthxbai, I am so blessed, Teh Internets, Just Sayin and so many more. My own list includes: It is what it is (great way to actually avoid a discussion), LMFAO (really? it’s that funny?), have a blessed day (dammit maybe I don’t want to be blessed)and mani/pedi.  Whew, I feel better with that off my chest. 

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