Oh Shenandoah

After leaving Manhattan it was straight thru New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and finally Virginia.  It’s been so long since I’ve been out of the city that everything felt foreign and surreal.  I’ve really gotten used to the loud, pushy, dirty city to the point where a Subway shop in Maryland felt awkwardly quiet and was quite possibly the cleanest sandwich shop I’ve ever seen.  It’s kind of refreshing, but also weird that I have to whisper while having lunch or people will stare.

After driving for about 5 hours we made it to the entrance of Shenandoah National Park.

I was so excited to be there.  Ever since 4th grade when we learned the song, I’ve romanticized Shenandoah.  We started driving thru the parkway and it was stunning.  Winding roads, steep hills, forests and meadows.  Hard to imagine I had been in New York just a few hours prior.

That night we only made it an hour thru the park and set up camp at Matthews Arm campground.  It was an interesting adjustment.  I was freezing being outside and wearing at least two layers and as lame as it makes me sounds, I was totally sketched out by the dark.  In the city it’s near impossible to find a place that is pitch black so I’ve grown accustomed to the comforting glow of street lights and sirens.  Every little sound made me jump, but I still managed to pass out as soon as I got in the tent.

The following day we continued our drive thru the park and quickly saw this little guy.

We fit in a small hike to some cliffs.

We winded our way thru the mountain tops and began the campground search for the evening.  We drove way out some country roads to a private campground around 6pm but soon realized it was a creepy, potential serial killer camp so we continued the drive with a brief stop for dinner.

and more driving.

before finally making it to Creek campground for the night.


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2 Responses to Oh Shenandoah

  1. Lena says:

    You guys are too damn cute. I can’t wait until you get here!!!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    It’s ashame NYC has lost 2 nice people! On the upside to your departure is that now I have a freind on the West Coast… Rock on Marvi!!!!
    See you soon!!!!! Joseph

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