leaving new york

On Tuesday June 25th I woke up to the smell of paint fumes.  Wojc had been up all night finishing his packing and putting on the final layer of paint to the room we had painted yellow without management’s permission.  The day was hot and sweaty and soon Echo came over to help finish packing everything and start hauling it down.  Because our truck can’t have a cab over it, one person always had to stay outside to keep an eye on our stuff.  After hours of cramming items into boxes and bags and last minute walk thrus our empty and echoeing apartment we started packing the truck.  Echo and Utku helped throughout the whole process with a few breakdowns on my part.  By afternoon it was all done; bike strapped in and boxes loaded.

Next came the part I had been dreading.  Saying bye to Echo and Utku and our home for the past three years.

There was much crying involved.  As we drove away for the last time from 149th it was the blinding full body heaving sort of crying (attractive right?)

As many times as I’ve moved in my life, I always seem to forget how utterly exhausting the whole process is.  From painting to finding boxes and hauling for hours, I was completely exhausted both physically and emotionally by the time we hit the road.  It is sad to leave our apartment, but as soon as we crossed the George Washington bridge (more crying) into Jersey I began to feel better.  First stop, Shenendoah.


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2 Responses to leaving new york

  1. echo says:

    Thanks for posting some of the most unflattering pictures of me ever:( I guess they capture how bad we felt that day. Moving is exhausting…that’s why I’m waiting to see where you guys get settle before we move any place.

    • peach says:

      i know, these pics are not the best. my eyes were so red and swollen that day 😦
      we’ll see where i end up, right now it’s 115 degrees and tomorrows high is 120, what the f?! luckily there is a pool…

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