For the last month I’ve been living off of this:

And that’s pretty much all I’ll have for the foreseeable future. Luckily, I’ve mastered, what the fashion bloggers call “remixing” aka wearing one’s clothes repeatedly like a normal person. However, I can now unpack those bags into my new apartment! It is the ideal Seattle location, complete with this view :

I’ve spent the last week since moving in hoping and praying that my Macbook will magically fix itself, enrolling in part-time classes and exploring my new neighborhood.

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Why do I always forget my camera?

Since moving to Seattle, I’ve been out to hear bands or open mic nights at least once a week. Everywhere I turn there are talanted musicians and events, I love it. I have been to some pretty amazing shows in basments of old houses that might be better classified as performance art, if only I didn’t forget my camera every single time. Unlike most of the country, my phone is only able to call and text, so I’m out of luck there. I’ll just say, Seattle has been treating me well and it’s pretty amazing to have come full circle back to this city after nine years. 

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Wow. It has been awhile. Just over a year since I’ve last posted here. After moving to blogspot and then to a different blog entirely, I’ve decided to settle in with my first choice: wordpress.

Most of you know what has been going on in my life, but here’s a little recap.

February 2011-Started work at Portland Community College and settled in to dreary weather in Portland.

March, April, May 2011-Still working. Explored Portland and took a few trips down the Oregon Coast to visit the family. Accepted to graduate school in both Portland and NYC.

June 2011-Attended my mom’s graduation. Later in the month, frantically rented a car and drove down to Medford to be with my Dad in the hospital for heart problems. Was incredibly stressful but also transformative and quite the bonding experience between me, my dad and my brother. Luckily, my dad is ok now!

July 2011-My sister and her husband visited for a couple weeks! I got to touch her pregnant belly and have a baby shower for her in our home town.

August-Getting VERY tired of Portland and begin planning my escape. Decided to defer admission to graduate school for a year to figure out what I really wanted.

September- Began the process of scaling down, saving money and planning the next step with my boyfriend. Put in my two weeks notice and celebrated! Packed up our belongings, ended our lease and left Portland without a second thought!

October-Spent several weeks in Port Orford and then flew to Lake Havasu, AZ for the next month. Sun and warmth ensued.

November-Got the worst case of strep throat I’ve ever experienced. Finally recovered, flew to NYC in time for Thanksgiving. Had an amazing time with my mom and sister in NYC.

December-Witnessed the amazing process of birth and met my nephew!!  Flew to LA and traveled to Big Bear Mountain and enjoyed some snow. Drove south to Lake Havasu. Got sick…again.

January 2012-Drove up through California to Port Orford. Spent a MONTH at home recovering from the throat plague.

February 2012-Moved back to Seattle after a 9 year hiatus and loving it! Embarking on a possible new path in life 🙂

So, there you have it. I’m hoping to continue writing, but you never know.

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>Ecola Beach

>I looked at my archives today and wow, I am shocked by how little I’ve been posting. I’m thinking about doing another “blog for every day for 30 days”; I really enjoyed writing regularly and feel like I’ve been negligent.
I got a job and I start tomorrow. It might not be a dream job, but it will pay the bills and has some perks. Wojc and I are settled into our little apartment in NW Portland, I believe the neighborhood is called Nob Hill. It is a far cry from New York, but a relaxing change that seems to be growing on me.

Our first week in Portland Wojc and I took a day trip to the coast. It’s only about an hour and half drive to Seaside and as a born and bred coasty that is a relief. We explored Ecola State Park beach at the magical hour right before sunset. It was chilly, but so beautiful. 
After being on the road as nomads for 7 months, it has been hard to adjust to a stable life. It feel good in the sense that my heart isn’t thumping out of my chest from stress, but I won’t lie that it has been all peaches and cream. I was down for several days, thinking about life on the road and NYC, luckily this yoga video pulled me out of my funk. Our day trip to the beach combined with the weekend jaunt to Port Orford has eased my way into stability and today my mood had improved greatly.

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>It’s In The Water

>When Wojc, my brother and I were in Port Orford last week we were supposed to drive back Monday. However, Monday was so beautiful that we just couldn’t tear ourselves away. It was one of those days thats so warm and sunny that your mind plays trick on you and you think its May or June.

Since we had another day, we loaded up the two hard shell kayaks and one blow up kayak and headed to Garrison Lake not far from my home. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining, absolutely perfect.

We glided out on the lake and I immediately vowed to kayak as much as possible this year. I really am a fish, I’m just more comfortable on the water. Rafting, kayaking, swimming, sailing, anything on a boat and I’m happy. I used to raft and kayak quite a bit in high school and even did a four day trip down the rogue river so boating is kind of like second nature to me.

Garrison Lake is a beautiful place, it’s in town but surronded by trees and just a few houses, the lake is only separated from the Pacific by a small beach. We paddled almost all the way around the lake with very little wind (shocking) and caught the beginning of sunset with a few purple and pink clouds. 

Of course, no float would be complete without some delicious Olympia (sarcasm). The day was so energizing and I can’t wait to get on the water again. Who would’ve thought visiting Port Orford in January is like a beach vacation?

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>Keep On The Sunny Side


Wojc and I decided to take a drive down to see my brother in Eugene a couple days ago. In our typical style we didn’t leave Portland until 4:30 and pulled into Eugene around 6:30. We were all pretty tired, but decided to all drive down to visit my mom and dad in Port Orford; we continued the drive and arrived at my Mom’s at 11pm on the dot. I really love living in Oregon again, it’s so amazing to be able to drive down to my hometown on a whim and spend the weekend, a five hour drive doesn’t seem so bad post-NYC. 
On Sunday, we woke up to one of the most perfect days since summer. Sunny, no wind and fairly warm; the kind of day where you want to spend every minute outdoors. So we did. We drove north to Floras Lake and hiked out to the beach. 
This beach is one of the most beautiful. You rarely see anyone and the orange cliffs looming over the ocean provide such a spectacular contrast in color. We hiked way down the beach, climbing up cliffs and exploring inlets. 
On our way back we passed a cave in one of the cliffs and wanted to explore. It was awesome, you could crawl back about 20 feet on your hands and knees to a little “room” that opened up enough for three people to fit. My claustrophobia kicked in ever so slightly, but what a cool spot to watch the waves. 
The day and hike was one of the best in months. These two days have been the exact combination of family and sun that I needed so desperately. I really was feeling a winter depression kick in where it feels like my body can’t go on without sunlight. Luckily, I got hours of Vitamin D that will hold me over for the next couple of weeks.
In other news, I got a job in Portland! Oddly enough, I heard I got the job the morning I moved to Portland. Talk about good timing. I start next week, I’m a little apprehensive about starting a full time job, but I know it’s for the best right now. Things are really starting to look up!
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While I wait for my mom to edit some grad school application stuff I figured I’d pop in and let anyone who cares to read that I GOT AN APARTMENT!! I finally made the decision to move to Portland.  After much thought I realized that Oregon is the best state around so of course I should move there. Finally, after 6+ months I have a place to call my own (or I will in a few days when I move in). It is so needed, there is only so long one can wander around without privacy and a place to unpack your clothes.  Now here’s hoping that I like Portland!
In other news, I thought my grad school application was due April 1st and very recently learned it was February 1st.  This news set off about 24 hours worth of anxiety as I scrambled to gather my thoughts. Luckily, I have nothing but time and have made quite a bit of progress on the application and only hope my recommendations get done in time. I feel like a slacker who has been out of school way too long but can’t wait to get back into the world of academia (if all goes well).  
And in other amazing news, I will be insured within a day or two and I am ecstatic. Being uninsured makes me paranoid so this is a relief.  What a life of luxury I’m living with BOTH Health Insurance and a home.
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